I’d like to introduce you to Rachel Roden.

Hi there! My name is Rachel. I’m a daydreamer posing as a writer. Wow, that was cheesier than I intended, but it also gives you insight into my personality.

Writing is something I know a lot of people dread doing, but it is also something that is necessary in every aspect of business. The reality is: if you don’t write or need help editing, you are going to need someone who can do both. That’s why I do what I do! I wan’t to make your business thrive and help your writing pop off the page so you can enjoy running your business the way you want.

I am a professional Freelance Copywriter and Editor with experience writing for various businesses on different platforms. From books to blogs to grants, I can help you say what you need to say.

I am in my third year of college. This October, I will be graduating from University of Main: Presque Isle with a Bachelors in Communication and Marketing. I’ve always had a knack for writing and marketing, so I decided to put them to good use. With my experience and